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Attirecare Shoe Cleaning Set

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Attirecare’s unique shoe and accessories Cleaning Solution, which is safe to use on all materials. The cleaning solution creates a gentle foam which conditions and cleans everyday stains from all materials. This is a water-based product, with no harsh chemicals, so you can be sure it will not damage or alter the look your shoes or accessories. Also providing multi-surface effectiveness on materials including; leather, vinyl, cloth, suede, canvas, nubuck and more!


Shoe cleaning set Includes the following:

1 x 250ml All Natural Shoe Cleaning Solution

1 x AC Premium Soft Hog Hair Bristled Brush

1 x Soft 100% Cotton Cleaning Towel

1 x How-To Card

Directions for use:

1. Simply apply a small amount of the solution onto your AC Shoe Brush. 2. Dip the brush into a bowl of clean, lukewarm water. 3. Start to scrub and clean shoes in a circular motion, creating a foam all over. 4. Wipe excess from the area being cleaned with a clean cloth. 4. Repeat steps if necessary.

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