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FitJar Facial Cleansing Bar

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These Facial Cleansing Bars are a dense and richly lathering natural cold process soap made with goat milk.

The creamy dense lather of goat milk soap is known to be an excellent facial cleanser. The oils Fitjar use in the Facial Cleansing Bar are carefully selected to be especially moisturising and soothing: creamy and superbly gentle shea butter, moisturising olive oil and protecting, rich cocoa butter, plus a fair amount of organic, cold pressed coconut oil. They have also added white clay, which is gently exfoliating, deep cleanses the pores and lift out impurities, tightens the pores and firms the skin. All this adds up to the most thoroughly cleansing and softening skin care. The Facial Cleansing Bar is subtly scented with the soothing essential oils of cedar wood, chamomile and lavender.