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Wild Beer POGO 4.1% ABV


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Based in Somerset, Wild Beer’s motto is to Drink WILDLY different. The brewery was started by Andrew Cooper and Brett Ellis, and is best summed up in their words. ‘At Wild Beer Co we want to produce Wild Beers that are different! We must re-write the rules, excite your taste buds and wildly challenge your perceptions of beer. We believe beer can be better and want to inspire people to drink beer differently.’ This different element is projected with a unique focus on wild yeast fermentation with an incredible terroir-like effect on the beers as well as one of the biggest barrel and blending programs seen in the UK craft beer industry. Wild Beer are more akin to the Lambic brewers & blenders of Belgium.
Tasting Note:
Fruit and beer are a constant in Wild Beer’s brewing repertoire. POGO combines a boldly hopped pale ale, brimming with Tropical fruit character from southern hemisphere hops, these hop flavours and aromas are then augmented by adding 3 fruits: Passion-fruit, Orange and Guava to create a fruit salad of moreish pale ale balanced out with a touch of wheat to round out the carbonation and fruity tartness and lactose (milk sugar) to add to the juicy fruit sweetness.